About Us

Scott and Sue Bachman, Owners

Scott returned to the family farm in 2004 to fulfill his lifelong dream of producing top-end red seedstock. In 2010, Scott and wife Sue purchased their first herdsires from Beiber Red Angus Ranch. In 2014, two Bachman herdsires, Beiber Real McCoy Y124 and Beiber Stormer Z433, are offered in the 2014 Accelerated Genetics catalog. Since 2014, Bachman Cattle Farms has invested in three additional herdsires to form a core nucleus of some of the very best Red Angus genetics available. First, was the investment in LSF Prospect 2035Z through the three-year exclusive right to purchase and use semen in the State of Missouri. The next major investment was purchasing a majority share in LSF SRR Tyson 3025A and securing fall pasture rights in this top Ludvigson bull who supports a top 1% Gridmaster and a top 2% Herdbuilder index. Finally, in 2015 Bachman Cattle Farms purchased 50% interest and full possession of a very exciting new bull from Bieber Red Angus Ranch – Bieber Federation B544. You can find out more details on these foundation sires on our herd sire pages.

Bachman Cattle Farms has also paid close attention to the genetic base of some top notch Donor cows to continue to build our genetic base through our embryo transfer (ET) program. Building on the base of Red Angus great maternal cow lines from the Jolene 301N family and now four Brown Abigrace females, we added a great donor from the Chuck Feddes program – Feddes Blockanna R64. Since then we have added several other elite donors such as; Bieber Adelle 184B, Jefferies Ms Chinook Y929, and Brown Ms P707 Y7741 (FATTY PATTY😊). You can find these fine ladies and all their EPD’s under dam heritage!

Scott and Sue feel it’s essential to let people in the cattle business know what’s important to them in their operation. They’re working hard to make, “Bachman Bred,” a reputable name you can respect, trust in and rely on. What motivates them and what they want to impart to you as potential buyers is this:

  • Living by their faith in the God they trust is at the top of our “important” list. They want customers and potential buyers to know they’re guided to be good stewards of the land and animals He has entrusted to them. Scott and Sue are open about being Christians and strive to be Christ-centered in all affairs.
  • They believe in complete honesty and integrity in both personal and business relationships. Scott enjoys the marketing aspects of promoting their cattle, but he won’t misrepresent them. “We’ll tell all the good qualities of our cattle, but we won’t make up a story just to sell you an animal.”
  • Scott’s breeding decisions are not perfect and not everything goes as planned. However, he is striving hard to achieve their “75/75/35” goal. Simply put, they want at least 75% of their Seedstock herd to have at least 75% of their EPDs in the Top 35% of their breed ranking.