Applying “3P-75.75.35” selection criteria in our bull development:

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Clint Berry (Allied Genetic Resources & Superior Livestock Auction representative) has helped us to develop a process to identify superior bulls and breeding females. Clint’s part of the evaluation is the physical scoring for structural correctness, power, volume and depth in these young breeding age animals. We evaluate foot structure and measure how they walk in combination to look for disposition or aggressive behavior traits.

Clint comments that, “Scott and the Bachman Cattle Farms crew has worked hard to develop a process to produce some of the best bulls I’ve seen around the Red Angus breed. The combination of using my Physical Scoring Model in along with Scott’s Weighted Index Scoring Model is helping to improve the performance in his herd.”

Bulls like BACH MR MIGHTY MO F035D (3565604) are a product of this breeding & development program.

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